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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Jenni and Julie Home for the Holidays

Hey there family. This is our first attempt at a family Blog! Yea. Now on those rare days where you find nothing to occupy your time, you can come visit our little family down in Tennessee and familiarize your intellect with the hum drum events our southern life. :) Welcome.

Right now we've just been enjoying having Jenni and Julie home for the holidays. They are both currently attending LDS Business College and pursuing their associates degrees in general studies. They are living with the Allen Clan (thanks Allen Clan!!!) and loving every minute of it. They flew home December 9th and we get to keep them until January 11th! We have been making the most of it by watching our favourite movies, playing mafia, eating holiday confections, staying up late, and modeling our pajamas throughout the house almost all day long. What can we say except life is good.

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